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The Art of Citizenship

American Civic Forum works to fortify and restore social solidarity among Americans.
This is an era of endless campaigns and, because polarization is an unusually effective way to win elections, trust between citizens and trust in public institutions has eroded to the brink of collapse. Americans have elevated personal preference over collaboration, electoral success over the health of democratic institutions, and elections over all other opportunities for citizen involvement. This is a terrible way to for a self-governing people to govern.

If democracy is to work, we must appreciate and nurture social solidarity, and encourage a culture of citizenship rooted in goodwill and good faith. We are citizens, members of the political community which drives democracy. American Civic Forum works to elevate citizenship to its rightful place not only in American politics but in American culture, a culture that cherishes our nation’s philosophy of governance, and where all citizens—even those not directly involved in the political sphere—see themselves as the living heart of the republic.

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American Civic Forum 2017 season

American Civic Forum’s
2017 season

As the U.S. moves into another year—and into a deeply uncertain era in our politics—the task of strengthening America's culture of citizenship is crucial. American Civic Forum's mission to nurture social solidarity and civic literacy through the arts has always been relevant. Now, however, it has taken on a sense of urgency.

American Civic Forum creates unique opportunities for artists and audiences to learn, celebrate and defend the moral and philosophical foundations of democracy — an innovative and cutting-edge approach to civic engagement.

American Civic Forum is proud to announce our 2017 season: Two bold programs designed to spark conversation and move people to action.

We're asking for your investment in our upcoming work by buying a season pass, T-shirt or book now so we will be have the resources to create thoughtful, well-researched shows in 2017.

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American Civic Forum has lots of great events and projects in the works — and we’d like you to know when it happens!

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